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Meet Missouri River Runner’s Member – David Romo

We sat down with MRR member and Vice President, David Romo to chat about Missouri River Runners. Here’s what he had to say about what MRR means to him.

What does MRR mean to you? 

MRR to me means opportunity. This organization provides opportunities for people to make healthy lifestyle changes. Since MRR is nonprofit, it also provides opportunities to help raise funds for local charities.

What does MRR mean to your whole family? 

MRR does a great job accommodating families in their events. Races can get expensive. The $15/year per household means that I don’t have to pay for each family member separately and we all get the discounts. My daughter is 4 and she’s already participating in events. MRR promotes youth running by lowering their prices for kids. My whole family is able to participate in events at low prices.

What has MRR done for you personally? 

MRR has given me the opportunity to share my ideas freely and I have learned a lot over the years. I started out by attending a board meeting simply because I was curious about what they entailed. I started asking questions and soon after I took on responsibilities within the board. The networking is great and the people involved are passionate about the club.

How long have you been a member?

I’m not exactly sure. It’s been several years…I bet our membership guru, Leslie knows!

How did you hear about MRR? 

My high school cross-country coach Steve Shadle encouraged me to get involved.

Why should others get a MRR membership? 

You can’t beat the price. It pays itself off in race discounts. You’re helping an organization that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Even if you are not a runner, you should still consider getting a membership. We have volunteers that don’t run but enjoy helping out at our events.

What kind of runner are you?

A CRAZY one! I don’t think I’m solely a runner. I enjoy a handful of sports. In order for me to participate in a variety of sports, I need to be in decent shape. Running fuels my need to keep going. I love it and plan to keep running as long as my body allows me to.

What kind of hobbies do you like to do? 

Anything that involves the great outdoors is a hobby. I love spending time outside.

Why do you like running? 

I didn’t choose running. Running chose me. I think it’s a gift of God. I can go a long time without training and wake up one day and go for a long-distance run. Granted it may not be very fast due to lack of training but not everybody can run a half marathon without training for it. When I was in 8th grade I wrote a goals letter to myself. One of those goals was to run a marathon. In June 2010 that was checked off the bucket list. I ran my first full marathon and it’s one of my favorite memories. I worked hard to make that wish a reality.

If you could describe MRR in one sentence or a few words, what would you say? 

This running club is a total package deal.

What is your favorite MRR Event and why? 

MRR Turkey Trot. Why? I’m the Race Director!

(Nice plug David!) 

David Romo enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, the outdoors, spending time with his wife Abby, 2 kids, Lily and Lon and 3 Dogs, Kaya, Steve and Millie Mae. Follow David on Instagram: @Crazy_Romo

You can be a member of Missouri River Runner’s too! Join us today.

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