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Get in the Know – MRR Group Runs

Sometimes it’s hard to get yourself out the door and get those miles in. Running alone can get monotonous. Our solution to that is Group Running and EVERYONE is invited.

MRR Group Runs are open to ALL runners of ALL abilities and you don’t have to be a member to take part. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to bring a friend…or two!

The Low Down

A typical Group Run with the MRR gang is between 5 and 10 miles. Now, not everyone is interested in running for that long. Some will run the full mileage while others will start and then break off when they’re ready to go back. If the run is 10 miles and you only want to run 5, you can turn around after 2.5.

Pace Yourself

Don’t be afraid to come to a Group Run because of your pace. There are definitely some crazy guys in the group who like to run fast but there are also others who choose to go at a slower pace. No matter what your circumstances, with a little coordination (check out our Facebook Page) someone will be willing to pair up with you.

Speaking of coordination, our weekend Group Run coordinators are awesome! Marty Hogan and Mike Mahaney are always keeping us in the loop. They’ll post the date, start time and location a few days ahead, allowing everyone interested to comment and group together based on pace and/or distance.

The Perks

Group Running with the Missouri River Runners has more perks than just a great workout. We have a wild, fun loving group of people from all kinds of professions who love running, the outdoors, networking and sharing ideas. And as Marty always says, you might just find a way to, “solve the world’s problems.” In other words, you’ll get your training in, have accountability and enjoy every second.

We love supporting the Siouxland trail systems and frequently run Perry Creek, the Riverfront and several others. If you are interested in joining in on one of our group runs, keep an eye out on the MRR Facebook Page for more information. Feel free to message us with any questions and we’ll see you at the next Group Run!

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